Below are some of the more often asked questions we get at DK. We love hearing from you so if there’s a question you’d like to get a direct answer to we’d like to know. Please drop us an email at info@displaykrafters.com

How much does a display like this picture  cost?
Unfortunately this a question that DK can’t answer, what we can do is give a new customer pricing from past projects that might be similar. There’s just too many variables for any display company to do this with any accuracy.

How long before I see designs?
Depending on our current workload, once we get all the information and specs needed  to create your custom display we’ll do our best to get you design concepts within 2-3 days.

How long does a sample take to be made?
It really depends on the complexity of the display. Our normal turn-around time is 2 weeks. DK will airfreight the sample from our China or Mexico manufactures.

How long does production take?
Again this depends on the complexity of your project. Our normal process from Date P.O. is emailed is roughly 6 – 7 weeks, delivered to your door.  In some cases we can do rush jobs.

What are the payment terms?
This is decided on a per quote basis  and may vary depending on the customer’s needs.

What materials should be used?
This is determined by our experts and consultation with manufacturing professionals  within this industry (over 30 years of experience). There are many variables (product, budget, etc.) so this is determined after design is approved and sent back to the customer for their final review.